Every software development company does things a little bit differently. Collaboration is one of WebRTC.ventures‘ company values. We keep you involved every step of the way.

Our development process

Our development process is hands-on. We want you to be active and involved with our team while we craft your product. This is key to the way we crafted our development process.

Before we get started, we ask that you designate a member of your team as the Product Owner. The Product Owner should be able to clearly articulate your feature needs and participate in regular demo sessions with our team.

Our development team works in 1-2 week “sprints.” At the end of each sprint, we’ll demonstrate our progress to you. You’ll have the opportunity to give us feedback on your application’s features as they’re being developed.

We’ll set up and maintain all necessary server hosting, and we’ll do the same with any other accounts that are needed for your application. After the application is completed, we can either (1) continue to maintain those servers for you or (2) turn over all account details to your technical staff. The choice is yours.

Let’s get started!

Our team is ready to start building your custom live video and audio application. Contact us to start collaborating today!

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