Real Time Weekly #266: February 4, 2019

In this issue we’ve got new WebRTC and Realtime articles from Hackster, Nexmo, Twilio, Bloggeek, Pusher, WebRTCHacks and more!

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Raspberry Pi Video Preview in the BrowserRTW1.jpg
Jan 22
A tutorial of how to use a Raspberry Pi with a camera module to stream live video via WebRTC on your web browser.

Play Streaming Audio to a Phone Call with RubyRTW2.PNG

Jan 24
A tutorial of how to streaming an audio file into an in-progress phone call with Nexmo Voice API and Nexmo Ruby gem.

Asking Google: WebRTC is …


Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Jan 28
Tsahi gives an overview about one of the most recurrent question about WebRTC.

How to build a chatroom with Angular 7 using ChatKitRTW4.PNG

Jan 28
How to build a real-time chatroom with Pusher’s Chatkit, in Angular 7 and Node.js

What I learned about H.264 for WebRTC video (Tim Panton)RTW5.PNG

Jan 29
Great story from Tim Panton – CTO in – about what he learned about video codecs when he tried to send H.264 video from a drone over WebRTC.

MediaStream Recorder API Now Available in Safari Technology Preview 73RTW6.PNG

Jan 29
An overview to the MediaStream Recorder API in Safari and how to use it.

Stream Audio into a Phone Call with Node.jsRTW7.PNG

Jan 30
How to play an audio file into an active call programmatically, using the Nexmo Voice API and Node.js.

Build a chat app with Twilio and KendoReactRTW8.PNG

Jan 30
How to build a chat app using Twilio Programmable Chat, and KendoReact that provides UI components to use with React, Angular, Vue and jQuery.

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