Real Time Weekly #260: December 17, 2018

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Announcing Programmable Video Network Quality API


Dec 6
Twilio announced a new Network Quality API that is included on both small group rooms and group rooms using the Twilio Programmable Video JavaScript SDK 1.14+

1-to-1 Video Chat App on Android using RTW2.PNG

Dec 6
A getting started tutorial of how to build a 1-to-1 WebRTC video chat app using Agora Android SDK.

ML Kit Image Labeling: Determine an image’s content with machine learningRTW3.PNG

Dec 11
How to process an image on-device using a local ML model and how to perform Image Labeling in the cloud using Google’s ML Kit.

How to stream user tweets with Zapier and ReactRTW4.PNG

Dec 11
How Pusher channels can be used in conjunction with Zapier to display updates to a user’s Twitter feed on a webpage.

How we built a stand-in robot for remote workers using IoT and computer vision

Dec 11
Great story about how these guys built a robot in 48 hours that can be controlled remotely in real-time and uses WebRTC to transmit video and audio.

Effects In WebRTC? A Filters TutorialRTW6.PNG
Dec 12
How to apply filters to a video stream in WebRTC using face detection.

Build Your Own Simple Slackbot with Serverless PubNub FunctionsRTW7.PNG

Dec 12
A guide to create a Slackbot app and how to integrate it with serverless PubNub functions.

Build an SMS Bot on Glitch with Hapi.js and the Nexmo Messages APIRTW8.PNG

Dec 13
How to build a simple SMS bot that can tell you random facts about numbers using Nexmo Messages API and numbersapi.

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