Real Time Weekly #254: November 5, 2018

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Hello everyone! The big news last week in the WebRTC world is the VP8 support in Safari 12! Probably we will see more blog posts about this in the next weeks. We have also great material on Janus, Twilio, Nexmo, PubNub, and more!

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Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 68RTW1.PNG

Oct 24
Finally Apple has added VP8 support to WebRTC!

Capturing WebRTC traffic in Janus RTW2.PNG  

Oct 26
Janus has support to text2pcap which allows you to capture unencrypted RTP and RTCP packets.

Sending Android Mobile Push Notifications with FCM and PubNubRTW3.PNG

Oct 29
Good tutorial of how to add push notifications using PubNub and Firebase Cloud Messaging.

PSA: WebRTC M71 Release Notes


OCT 30
Check out the WebRTC M71 release notes that contains over 20 new features and over 45 bug fixes for Chrome and Native Android/iOS.

Send SMS When Your Typeform Is Submitted Using Node.js, Hapi and the Messages API


OCT 30
Great tutorial of how to set up a Hapi server and send SMS messages using Nexmo the Message API.

Sending Live Streaming SMS Notifications with PHP and YouTube API


OCT 31
How to use Twilio to send an SMS to a list of subscribers when your YouTube channel goes live.

Create a file-sharing app with React Native


OCT 31
How to easily build a real-time file-sharing and chat app using Pusher.

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