Real Time Weekly #251: October 16, 2018

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Hello everyone! In this issue Nexmo has announced their new Message and Dispatch API with a failover system, in beta for now. In addition, we have more technical blog posts about WebSockets, WebRTC monitoring using Callstats, controlling a car using PubNub, a photo sharing app using Pusher, and a great article about WebRTC vs Zoom from Tsahi Levent-Levi.

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WebRTC vs Zoom? WebRTC is actually quite good. But you knew that already – didn’t you?


Tsahi Levent-Levi,
More insights on the last article written by Jitsi about a quality comparison between WebRTC and Zoom. Which one is better?

Connected Car Development Basics with PubNub, Functions and the Smartcar API


OCT 10
A step by step tutorial of how to create a connected car solution app with PubNub, Functions and the Smartcar API

First Look at the Nexmo Messages and Dispatch APIs

OCT 10
Nexmo has a new API (in beta) that allows you to send messages via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, SMS and MMS using just one API.

Build a Webcam Filter & Picture App With WebRTC & Canvas


Coding Shiksha
OCT 11
A video tutorial of how to get a snapshot using the WebRTC getUserMedia API and then to apply a css filter.

How to use to Monitor Service Quality for IceLink Apps
OCT 12
A webinar on how you can integrate WebRTC into your application with and Frozen Mountain

Creating a photo sharing app with React Native


OCT 14
Very cool article about creating a realtime photo-sharing app with React Native and Pusher Channels.

Creating a WebSocket Server with the Spark Framework

OCT 15
Three different ways to create a WebSocket server in Java using Spring Boot, the Spark Framework, and the Java API for WebSockets.

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