Real Time Weekly #248: September 25, 2018

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Hello everyone! In this issue we’ve got content on Anything-to-SMS with IFFT from Nexmo, IoS Messenger with Push from Pusher, Rich objects in a ChatEngine from PubNub and more.

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Anything-to-SMS with IFTTT and Nexmo


Sep 18
Learn how to make use of IFTTT (IF This Then That), a tool to link more or less anything to more or less anything else.

Create an iOS Messenger App with Push Notifications – Part 1: Building the Backend


Sep 19
Learn how to build an iOS messenger application with a push notification feature. The application will allow users to chat with each other and when they are not currently in the application,

Create an iOS Messenger App with Push Notifications – Part 2: Building the Application


Sep 19
Learn how to create the iOS application using Swift and Xcode.

How to Use Open Graph to Unfurl URLs into Rich Objects in Chat Apps


Sep 19
Walk through integrating rich objects in a ChatEngine app using an Open Graph plugin.

Audio visualisation with the Web Audio API and React


Sep 21
Look at analysing audio. To make things extra interesting, we’re going to see how to visualise the audio in a React component with <canvas>.

Webinar: All About getDisplayMedia(), Who Needs it Anyway?


Sep 27
WebRTC Standards
Jan-Ivar will be replacing Dan Burnett on WebRTCStandards webinars. Get to know Jan-Ivar, his work at Mozilla, on adapter.js and WebRTC standards in general.

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