INXPO asked our company’s Founder & CEO, Arin Sime to present on the “Impacts of WebRTC on Modern Communication” during their first On Air with Ben Chodor series held on March 28th.

In this new series, Chodor, Sime, and four other guests discussed the next best to face-to-face — WebRTC. Real-Time Communications is the final step in making video communication as real as in-person conversations with no latency issues.  WebRTC also opens doors for effective and authentic communication.

Guests spoke about how WebRTC is opening up the potential for contextual, real-time communication and data transfer in a number of use cases, like financial services, technology, healthcare, etc.

Sime specifically discussed how webRTC is revolutionizing the medical services space.

Chodor explored this telehealth scenario:

  • Your child wakes up at midnight with a high fever
  • Parent calls the doctor
  • Dr has the webRTC ability to remotely “see” the child and even take vitals via a mobile application
  • Dr can semi-diagnose a child and determine whether it is really necessary to bring the child to ER.

Telehealth offers many benefits for both patients and providers like higher quality patient care, easier follow-up appointments which lead to reduced hospital readmission rates, improved quality of life for patients, access to quality providers for remote patients, and reduced healthcare costs … just to name a few.

To listen to the session replay, click here.

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WebRTC truly is the future of communications. Don’t get left Behind!

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