So you need to quickly create a video conference room to talk with your clients or partners? First one that maybe comes to mind is zoom video conferencing.

We all have used Zoom and we love it, but sometimes we can’t install the software and our partners may have issues installing it so we need a quick and ready to go option directly on the browser.

And then comes the hard question.. “so which free online conference call chat and video service is the best choice?”

We can help you make the decision by providing you with a comparative of the main features that existing services can give to you — video conferencing features like: chat, audio/video, screen sharing capabilities, ability to share virtual conference link and the support of your favorite browser.

Online Conference Call Chat and Video Services:


Service/Features Need to Register Free Layer Chat Audio/Video Screen Sharing Screen Recording Share link to give others access Supported Browsers
Skype Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Chrome, Firefox,

Safari, Edge, IE.

Hangouts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (others users need a google account) Chrome, Firefox,

Safari, IE. No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Chrome, Firefox,


Wire Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (only on Firefox) No No Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge.
Tango Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Chrome, Firefox,

Safari, Opera, IE.

JumpChat No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
TinyChat No Yes Yes Yes (on premium) No No Yes Chrome, Firefox,

Safari, Opera.


With these services you only need to open your favorite browser, a few keys and clicks and you  have a video and chat conference room on the run, ready to put you closer to who you need.

Real Time Communication is here to stay and you can get the best of it quickly and easily to make your business grow, video and chat with your potential clients and partners is the way to get things done.

Do you need a real time communication implementation on your website or application? We can definitely help you.

We have an experienced team ready & happy to help you out Contact us today!


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