Using the Pre Call API of TokBox for webrtc call quality

“Can you hear me now?” That’s the sort of phrase dreaded on all video chats, but happens all too frequently. Call quality is becoming even more important as bandwidth improves for the average user (even on mobile) and as video chats become more common in many industries like telehealth, telemedicine, education, and more.

That’s why our team has been working with TokBox’s new Pre-call api to experiment with ensuring that your custom WebRTC application will have the best call quality possible. Our team recently wrote a post on the TokBox pre-call API, which TokBox published on their blog.

In this post, we show you how the flow of a WebRTC call can be improved by checking the strength of a user’s connection before they even join the call. This flow chart from the post shows it a high level:

A flow chart for a WebRTC application using the TokBox pre-call API to test a user's connection strength before joining a WebRTC video conference.

Interested in the technical details of how to do this, or you want to see a working example? Check out our guest post on the Pre-call API on the TokBox blog.

Do you want to build a web or mobile WebRTC application that incorporates cutting edge techniques for optimal call quality? Then contact our team of WebRTC designers and developers!

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