WebRTC Live 91

On the May 15, 2024 episode of WebRTC Live, Arin welcomed industry guests Jim Rand and James Meier of Synervoz to focus on unique audio use cases for WebRTC. Synervoz is an innovation and software development studio focused on audio, entertainment and online collaboration. They have worked on sound technology with many well known companies such as Bose, Meta, Amazon, and Unity.

They discussed their Switchboard SDK for audio processing and explored audio processing use cases such as watch parties, gaming, and karaoke / music collaboration. In addition, they caught up on the use of AI in audio processing pipelines.

Bonus Content

  • A brief interview with our CTO Alberto Gonzalez about his experience at JanusCon last month.
  • Our regular monthly industry chat with Tsahi Levent-Levi. This month, Arin and Tsahi will discuss Machine Learning in audio processing, covering a few of the common ways it’s used in WebRTC calls.

Key Insights and Episode Highlights still to come! In the meantime,

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