In a previous post on the blog, our WebRTC Developer Advocate Hector Zelaya wrote about “Integrating Live Streaming Experiences Using Amazon IVS“. Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) provides a managed platform on which to build engaging live streams and interactive video experiences without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Yesterday, a follow-up post was added to the Amazon Web Services blog, which Hector co-authored with Amazon IVS Senior Partner Engineer, Tony Vu, and AWS Partner Solutions Architect, Kripa Dixit.

This post illustrates how combining Amazon IVS with the Insertable Streams for MediaStreamTrack API can customize and elevate the live selling experience. By incorporating features like QR codes and images into the video streams, online sellers can more effectively close a transaction.

Depiction of a video processing pipeline, courtesy of AWS.

Read the full post on the AWS blog: “Enhancing live selling experiences using Amazon Interactive Video Service“.

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