Introducing Team Talk!

Our dynamic team of developers, designers, testers, DevOps experts, and project leads is continually engaged in exciting projects. Each month, we will ask them to share some of the work they feel has been most impactful. We’ve included a short list here – at least the ones that we’re allowed to discuss!

  • “Enhanced the stability of a large eLearning platform to ensure a seamless experience for users and proctoring capabilities for teachers.”
  • “Investigated and optimized the call status functionality of an online interpreting platform to eliminate concurrent data storage issues.”
  • “Integrated the SignalWire SDK for a chat and audio application for low-bandwidth scenarios.”
  • “Resolved issues with inbound PSTN calls after an on premises infrastructure upgrade for a contact center and strategized for additional call statistics.”
  • “Assessed an existing real-time audio application and fixed issues when using Bluetooth wearables.”
  • “Created a way to accurately perform precise concentration calculations, ensuring accuracy in chemical formulations.”
  • “Crafted a user-friendly UI to visualize the various stages of a video processing pipeline, simplifying complex processes for better comprehension.”
  • “Explored new collaborative initiatives with Universidad Tecnológica de Panama (UTP) to strengthen our ties with the academic community and inspire students to delve into the world of WebRTC technology.”

These achievements underscore unwavering commitment to delivering the best real-time video and audio solutions – whether that be assessing, building, integrating, testing or managing them. 

If you’re seeking to bring your project to life, reach out to us! We’re here to assist you in realizing your goals.

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