On May 24, 2023, Arin Sime welcomed Amazon Chime SDK (AWS) Head of Developer Advocacy, Court Schuett to WebRTC Live. Court gave us an in depth look at how to use WebRTC with the Amazon Chime SDK to create a Click to Call application that will bridge WebRTC to SIP.

Court began by giving some introduction on the topics he will be discussing, beginning with a description of the two main Amazon Chime SDK offerings pertinent to this discussion. 

Amazon Chime SDK WebRTC media services 

Amazon Chime SDK media services consist of two different components that work together to add real-time voice and video to an application. AWS media servers provide the back end, which pairs with these front-end clients:

Amazon Chime SDK Telephony Services 

Amazon Chime SDK Telephony Services provide scalable, pay as you go SIP trunking for inbound and outbound calling, SIPREC, and programmable voice. There are three main groupings, as below. The last, PSTN audio, is the focus of Court’s demo. 

Bridging WebRTC and SIP with the Amazon Chime SDK

Court’s demo and code snippets showing us how to bridge these two pieces together to create a ClickToCall application starts at about the 8 minute mark. The code is also available on Github

Watch Episode 79!

WebRTC.ventures is proud to be a System Integration Partner with the Amazon Chime SDK to leverage the power of AWS and WebRTC. We also excel in designing, deploying, testing and maintaining secure applications on AWS, exemplified by our membership in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Our services are available on the AWS Marketplace or directly

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