I was reminded recently of the benefits of remote meetings for financial services when I met with my financial advisor. For smaller boutique financial services firms, using a standard meeting tool is fine. But for larger firms with hundreds of agents and integrated data systems, there is a significant advantage to building a custom secure meeting solution. With WebRTC, of course!

Six reasons financial services companies need a custom (and secure!) remote meeting solution 

  1. Complete control over your brand in the meeting. Meetings are held at your URL, using private secure links
  2. Complete control over the security of your solution. Reducing concerns about outside services.
  3. Integration directly into your client portal. Allowing clients easy access to their data while they speak with you.
  4. Co-browsing and co-editing of information by the agent and client. By allowing the client to help you update the information in a form, you can speed up scenario analysis as well as help the client to maintain privacy. (They may not want to state the value of an account out loud if they are sitting in a coffee shop or public office space.)
  5. Parallel scenario analysis. Allow clients to use the dashboard with you and run their own alternate scenarios as you talk about different planning strategies, without leaving the same web browser to switch to another meeting tool.
  6. Transcription and note-taking automation. AI/ML services can be integrated to automatically transcribe the conversation, highlight action items or key topics discussed based on your unique taxonomy. Depending on how you want to store, use, or share that transcript, private information can also automatically be obscured by the AI service.

These are just a few of the scenarios I see around secure meetings in particular. In future posts, I will mention other use cases specific to Financial Services. What experiences have you had with video in banking, wealth management and financial services? Let me know on LinkedIn!

If you would like to explore custom video solutions for your firm, contact us at WebRTC.ventures!

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