On December 14, 2022, Arin welcomed WebRTC.ventures CTO Alberto Gonzalez for our last episode of the year, “Architecting Low Latency WebRTC Applications.” In theory, to make a WebRTC connection we simply need to capture/handle and send/receive media. In reality, WebRTC implementations aren’t that simple, especially for use cases like live broadcasting, professional events, telepresence, gaming, auctions, and IoT endpoints that require sub-second latency for thousands of users.

Alberto discussed the challenges inherent in architecting low latency WebRTC applications, including complex, scalable and high availability media servers; stateful system complexities; and server provisioning.

Architectural changes and optimizations can make all the difference in the functionality of large scale real-time applications. Alberto shared the application and media optimizations our expert team have honed to create more efficient and high quality video call experiences. 

His presentation included:

  • WebRTC, a protocol to connect them all
  • Why it’s not easy to build with WebRTC
  • Open Source vs CPaaS
  • Basic architectures: SFUs and MCUs
  • Scalability
  • Optimizations

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