Building a quality telehealth application is about much more than getting the video to work. It’s about creating a reliable and trustworthy experience between a patient and their healthcare provider. Meeting tools may have the ability to deliver face-to-face video consultations but lack the crucial touch points in a patient’s journey that your users deserve.

In short: There’s more on the line with a healthcare application, so solid user experience (UX) design is critical. Thoughtful UX design in your telehealth application will help build trust between the medical professionals and patients and make for a more successful healthcare visit. 

Check out the user experience tips that our COO and resident UX-expert, Mariana Lopez, shared on designing a high-quality telehealth application using Twilio Programmable Video.

  1. Consider video placement
  2. Include ways to add guests and transfer calls
  3. Optimize waiting rooms, paperwork, and pre-call tests
  4. Enhance mobile layouts
  5. Examine how to rejoin calls and call failures

Read the full post on the Twilio blog: “5 Video UX Tips for Your Telehealth App”.

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