On the November 2021 episode of WebRTC Live, Arin welcomed Callstats.io founder and (newly announced!) Daily.co Chief Product and Technology Officer, Varun Singh, to explore the future of WebRTC. Daily Co-Founder Kwindla Kramer joined the conversation as a special guest. 

After ten years of slow and steady increase, interest in WebRTC has been massively accelerated. The onset of the pandemic rocketed the need for real-time collaborative experiences at both small and grand scale, while at the same time increasing the world’s comfort level with the technology. We have seen a huge rise in productivity, collaboration, and social environments mapped onto social spaces. 

With regard to the future of WebRTC, discussion included:

  • What are people willing to pay for (monetizable) at scale at different points of a technology evolution? Which are the WebRTC use cases that don’t need more innovation and which will become commoditized? Where is there still room for creativity? 
  • Do we want to duplicate the experience when building for remote events, or enhance it? What experience will we be optimizing for? The most valuable version of the experience may be the digital version – if we get it right. 
  • Creator-driven content will continue to rise – live commerce, concerts, social. So will the need for highly produced video experiences made possible by great creator tools. 

At every layer, we’re actually still very early in the evolution of where the use cases for WebRTC can and will go. Every space is going to grow and WebRTC is a core building block for that future. 

According to Varun and Kwindla, what really matters in WebRTC development is: 

  1. Developer time to value
  2. Call quality and reliability
  3. For the largest possible set of use cases

Kwindla noted that Daily was formed on the bet that video would become more and more a part of everything we do and that WebRTC would be the ecosystem around it. Their goal has been to build a great technology stack and open it up to all of the interesting use cases that they knew would be coming along.

More information on Daily can be found at daily.co.

Our thanks go out to Varun and Kwindla for a very interesting and broad ranging discussion on the future of WebRTC!

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