For our 58th episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Red5 Pro CEO Chris Allen. Many contemporary use cases such as e-sports, gambling, concerts, and more call for technical architectures which combine the best of P2P WebRTC and broadcasting technologies in a single solution. Chris shared his company’s solution for real-time streaming applications: a new multidirectional architecture that he calls the XDN or Experience Delivery Network.

Prior to the pandemic, truly interactive live experiences were limited to use cases like auctions. Today, there are too many hybrid and virtual experiences to count. People are living their lives online: immersive games, zoom calls, hybrid work, watch parties, and major content streaming. Are we moving past video to the 3D world? Are we closer and closer to living in the collective virtual space that has been dubbed the Metaverse?

Chris shared the evolution of the XDN architecture over time in response to customers with use cases that called for extremely low latency, very high scale, and bidirectional — with equal treatment of data ingress and egress. Traditional Content Delivery Networks would not work. Nor do traditional media servers handle these use cases by themselves, like SFUs and MCUs that are commonly used to scale WebRTC connections.

Chris discussed the technological aspects of XDN, including its portability (you can host it on a single cloud server such as Azure or AWS, a combination of cloud servers, private clouds, and even VPN), its clustering approach for streams, its use of a Stream Manager for load balancing, REST APIs, Terraform Cloud APIs, RTP Control Protocol (RTCP), and much more more!

Questions sparked discussion about playing music online at the speed of sound, availability and wavelengths zones, use cases for mixing content and injecting it based on a user’s location through watermarks, and security

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