On the April 28, 2021 episode of WebRTC Live, Arin Sime was joined by Sergio Garcia Murillo, founder and main developer for Meedoze technology, CoSMo’s Media Server Tech Lead, and Millicast’s Principal Engineer and Solution Architect. They explored enabling the next generation of live video architectures with Real-Time AV1 SVC.

With Google Chrome announcing support for Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and a forwarding header extension, AV1 real-time encoding can be enabled for WebRTC. AV1 was designed to integrate with the next wave of WebRTC video innovation, with end-to-end encryption, SVC, and codec-independent forwarding. With SVC enabled by default in AV1, streams are more resilient to packet loss, and adaptation time is reduced down to a couple of milliseconds, without any buffering or need for transcoding in the media pipeline. This will enable WebRTC to incorporate end-to-end encryption to allow the media payload to remain fully encrypted from broadcast to playback.

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