On November 11, 2020, WebRTC.ventures produced our 48th episode of WebRTC Live. Arin’s guest was Natalie Silvanovich, a security researcher on Google Project Zero whose current focus is browser security, including script engines, WebAssembly and WebRTC.

You might assume that WebRTC is inherently secure, but Natalie opened our eyes to potential risks and helped us understand how we can protect our WebRTC applications. She discussed types of WebRTC vulnerabilities such as memory corruption and logic vulnerabilities; what uses are the highest risk; examples of vulnerabilities and how they happened; and ways you can prevent these various types of bugs. She also stressed the importance of protecting your users and the responsibility that WebRTC integrators have in that respect.

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NEXT UP: Debugging WebRTC Applications

“I had a great connection but the video quality was horrible.” “Nobody could see nor hear me.” “The call suddenly died.” These are common issues in WebRTC, yet understanding why they happened can be very challenging! WebRTC Live Episode 49 is coming your way Wednesday, December 9 at 12:30pm Eastern US. Arin’s guest will be WebRTC.ventures’ own Senior WebRTC Engineer and Developer Evangelist, Germán Goldenstein. They’ll talk about how to debug an issue in a WebRTC call, tools you can use, and lots more. Register today!


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