Last week, was invited to the AllThingsRTC 2019 conference hosted by in San Francisco!

AllThingsRTC is a new Real Time Communications conference that brings together more than 300 RTC experts and enthusiasts from the US and beyond. The conference featured leaders, developers, and partners dedicated to real-time communications. Alberto and I attended the conference together, and we are excited to share with you what we learned.

Conference Tracks

The conference had two main tracks: a technical track and a use-case track. Both tracks appealed to different audiences. The technical track included wonderfully detailed talks about upcoming technologies and recent innovations in the field of RTC. These presentations usually involved things like demo code and technical details. The use-case track involved presentations about industry leaders in a plethora of fields discussing the integration of RTC to further their technology.


The welcome keynote was a particularly interesting presentation. They talked about new use cases and did an amusing live demo. The demo showcased some new features, such as fast switching between multiple video streams, and improvements in video quality in an environment with a very high error rate.

One of the most interesting talks was the opening keynote. The keynote was given by Debargha Mukherjee, a Principal Software Engineer with Google, who spoke about a new video codec called AV1 coming out within the next year. AV1 is a royalty-free, next-generation video codec that can have up to 20% higher video compression than VP9. This is needed because video quality on the internet is getting higher (4K, HDR). In 2021, it is expected that 81% of all internet traffic will be video streaming in one form or another.

A common denominator in many presentations was the combination of machine learning in real time applications. The most common machine learning categories were platforms and applications with speech analytics, computer vision, and RTC optimization.

Presentation about the future of voice technology. Where is Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) headed?

Additionally, our very own Senior Developer Alberto Gonzalez gave a talk called “Latest WebRTC Development Trends and Implementations!” We will share his presentation and an infographic about our survey results very soon. Stay tuned!

Overall, this conference was a great opportunity for We connected with RTC leaders and experts and discussed development, use cases, and the future of live video communications. As sponsors, we set up camp in our booth and talked to conference attendees about what can build.

If you’re interested in learning more about what can build for your business, contact us! We’re ready to help you.

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