Real Time Weekly #276: April 15, 2019

In this issue we’ve got content from Nexmo about adding filters to video streams, a multilingual chat app with Pusher where the messages are being translated in realtime to the prefered language, another tutorial about adding GPS to your Raspberry PI, and more!

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Snapchat Style Filters with OpenTok and Tracking.jsRTW1.jpg

Apr 3
A tutorial of how to apply filters to a video stream and add facial tracking using Tracking.js and OpenTok.

Build a multilingual chat app with React and Amazon TranslateRTW2.jpeg

Apr 7
How to build a chat app where users can select their preferred language, and have messages sent to them translated to that language in #realtime with Pusher and AWS translate.

React Native WebRTC

Apr 8
A new GitHub organization for all projects related to React Native and WebRTC.

Kurento 6.10 – With Bionic supportRTW4.PNG

Apr 8
The new release of Kurento 6.10 includes Ubuntu Bionic support.

Handling session disconnections in WebRTCRTW5.PNG

Apr 8
What you need to take into account to handle session disconnections in WebRTC.

Add GPS Tracking with the Google Maps API to Your Raspberry Pi ProjectRTW6.PNG

Apr 9
How to add GPS capabilities to a Raspberry Pi project with a few pieces of hardware and PubNub.

Finding the Warts in WebAssembly+WebRTCRTW7.PNG

Apr 11
A detailed walk through to a experimental project by @webrtc team where WebAssembly and WebRTC are being combined.

Creating A Photo Gallery in Swift Using Firebase & INSPhotoGalleryRTW8.PNG

Dalvin Josias Sejour
Apr 11
How to build a Swift app that uploads photos from a gallery using Firebase and INSPhotoGallery

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