Real Time Weekly #263: January 14, 2019

In this issue we’ve got a great articles and tutorials about Real-time communications from Nexmo, Bloggeek, Callstats,, and more!

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State Management in Angular Using Firebase

Jan 08
A step by step tutorial of how to implement state management in an Angular app using Firebase API.

Creating a Video Chat Application with OpenTok and Nexmo In-App Messaging


Jan 08
A tutorial of how to build a #WebRTC app that allows users to video chat and send messages to each other using OpenTok and Nexmo In-App Messaging.

What’s the Best Size for a WebRTC SFU Media Server?  

Tsahi Levent-Levi,
Jan 8
Great article from Tsahi about some important considerations you need to think about when you decide the size of a WebRTC SFU Media Server.

Integrating Microsoft Universal Windows Platform with

Jan 9
Callstats announces an integration with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) allowing to monitor to monitor real-time voice, video, and data.

Creating a Custom Video Conferencing Application Using WebRTC, Node.js, and
Jan 9
A tutorial of how to build a WebRTC video conferencing app with in Node.js.

WebSockets & API Gateway  

Robert Zhu
Jan 9
A demo of how to use WebSockets with AWS API Gateway and API WebSocket.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 73
JAN 10
Release notes for Safari Technology Preview 73 are now available

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