Real Time Weekly #262: January 7, 2019

Happy new year and welcome to the first RealTimeWeekly of 2019!

Let’s start a great year together with articles and tutorials of Realtime and WebRTC development.

In this issue we’ve got a few articles with content from OpenVidu, Nexmo, Twilio, OpenTok and Callstats.

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OpenVidu load testing: a systematic study of OpenVidu platform performance


Dec 21, 2018
A deep analysis and results on the performance of OpenVidu using automated load test system.

Fancify Your Festive Messages with this Python and SMS ScriptRTW2.PNG

Dec 21, 2018
A tutorial of how to build a script in Python that sends SMS with different fonts using Nexmo SMS API.

Build Facebook Messenger bots with Twilio Autopilot


Dec 22, 2018
A tutorial of how to build Facebook Messenger bots with Twilio Autopilot which is a conversational AI platform to build intelligent communication experiences.

What are Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) and Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN)?


Jan 4
An overview of what is STUN and TURN servers and why we need them in WebRTC.

Interactive Broadcasting with OpenTokRTW5.PNG

Jan 4
Watch Manik Sachdeva’s webinar next January 9th on building interactive broadcast apps with OpenTok.

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