Real Time Weekly #258: December 3, 2018

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Hello everyone! It’s amazing how time flies! We are already in December! Let’s start the last month of the year with more technical blog posts about Realtime and WebRTC development.

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Screen Capture in Chrome 70 With getDisplayMedia()RTW1.jpg

Nov 23
An overview to navigator.getDisplayMedia() in Chrome 70, which is still under a flag “Experimental Web Platform”.

How to Host a Secure WebRTC Telehealth Application

Nov 26
What you must consider when building and hosting your secure telehealth application

Build Android Chatbot with Dialogflow (

Nov 27
A step by step guide of how to integrate dialogflow chatbot into your Android app.

Create a Pokemon Battle game with React Native – Part 1: Practice mode


Nov 27
The first part of this step by step tutorial of how to build a Pokemon battle game with React Native and Pusher.

Building a Serverless Paging Application with Amazon TranscribeRTW5.PNG

Nov 27
A tutorial of how to build a pager service using Nexmo and AWS.

Build a realtime counter using Swift    

Nov 29
How to build a realtime counter in Swift with Pusher.

How to Integrate with the AppRTC Android Demo  

Nov 29
A guide to integrate callstats into the Google’s AppRTC Android Demo.

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