Real Time Weekly #257: November 26, 2018

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Hello everyone! This week we’ve got many new tutorials and articles about WebRTC and Realtime development. Check out all the videos from Kranky Geek 2018, there were really great talks!

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Here’s How to Build Your Own Smart Home in an AfternoonRTW1.PNG

Nov 15
A step by step guide to build a Smart Light, Light Detector and Door Detector using PubNub and a Raspberry Pi.

Real Time Data Transfer for IoT with MQTT , Android and NodeMCU


Nov 16
An article that covers MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) which is a Pub/Sub messaging protocol that you can use on IoT apps.

Build a live comment feature with Sentiment Analysis using Flask and Vue


Nov 18
Sentiment Analysis allows you to get an idea of the “feelings” of your readers based on their comments.

WebRTC, the real time web API


Nov 18
How to build a video chat app using Vanilla WebRTC and WebSockets.

Kranky Geek AI in RTC Show – San Francisco 2018


Kranky Geek
Nov 20
Check out all the amazing talks from the Kranky Geek Event 2018 in SF!

Chat with Laravel – Pusher and at your command


Nov 20
A very complete tutorial of how to build a chat app using either Pusher or

How to receive a phone call with Nexmo Voice API, ASP.NET Core and NancyFX


Nov 21
The third tutorial on how to use Voice APIs with ASP.NET series using Nexmo.

Firebase Tutorial Android & iOS: Create an App with Realtime Database and Login using Qt & V-Play


V-Play Engine
Nov 21
A video tutorial showing how to create a cross-platform Android & iOS shopping list app with Firebase Realtime Database and Login.

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