Real Time Weekly #253: October 29, 2018

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Hello everyone! This week we’ve got a great article from about WebSockets. In addition we have a tutorial about building a Multiplayer AR game, another one about using PubNub as a signaling server, a new blog post from Nexmo about their message failover system, and more!

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How to record a video with audio in the browser with JavaScript (WebRTC)


OCT 19
Our Code World
A video tutorial of how to record a video using WebRTC in the browser.

WebSockets – A Conceptual Deep-DiveRTW2.PNG 

OCT 19
Great article about the history of WebSockets, and all you need to take in consideration to spin up a websockets server.

Integrating Video Calling in Chat with WebRTC and ChatEngineRTW3.PNG 

OCT 19
A tutorial of how to use PubNub as a signaling server to connect two peers on a WebRTC call.

Create a Multiplayer Augmented Reality Game with Magic Leap and UnityRTW4.PNG

OCT 19
How to integrate Magic Leap, Unity and PubNub to build a AR game.

How Zoom’s web client avoids using WebRTC RTW5.PNG

OCT 23
An overview of how Zoom’s web client uses WebSockets and WebAssembly instead of using a RTCPeerConnection.

Sending SMS from PHP with Failover: The Cupcake BakeryRTW6.PNG

OCT 23
An example of how Nexmo Messages API Failover works and makes sure that a person receives messages in a manner that suits him/her.

WebRTC Standards: All You Wanted to Know About W3C TPAC & WHATWG Streams with RTCDataChannel?

OCT 29
Just a few hours ago the WebRTC standards team held another webinar, and you can see the recording here.

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