Real Time Weekly #252: October 22, 2018

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Hello everyone! This week we’ve got a new announcement from Plivo about their new multiple incoming calls support, an overview to the most popular open source WebRTC media servers from Linagora, and tutorials from Pusher, Pubnub, Nexmo,, and more!

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Build a live markdown editor with Vuejs 

OCT 10
A tutorial of how to build a Realtime Markdown editor in Vue using Pusher.

PSA: WebRTC M70 Release Notes

OCT 10
Check out the release notes that contains over 15 new features and over 55 bug fixes for Chrome and Native Android/iOS.

Plivo Browser SDK Adds Support for Multiple Incoming calls  

OCT 10
The latest release of Plivo Browser SDK includes support for handling multiple incoming calls. Check out the example code to enable this feature.

Scalability in video-conferencing (Part 2) 


OCT 15
Pros and cons of the most popular open source WebRTC media servers: as Janus, Kurento and Licode.

Build a Facebook Messenger Bot with Messages API and Dialogflow   


OCT 16
How to implement a Facebook Messenger bot on your Facebook page using the Nexmo Messages API and the Google Dialogflow service.

Reactor Events Tutorial: Google Cloud Function 

OCT 16
How to build a pizza ordering app with a virtual pizza assistant chatbot using Ably REST API and Google Cloud Function.

Controlling Internet-connected Devices with Magic Leap Hand Gestures 

OCT 17
A tutorial of how to interface with internet-connected devices using the Unity Video Game Engine for Magic Leap and the PubNub Unity SDK.

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