Real Time Weekly #247: September 17, 2018

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Create a live stocks application with push notifications for iOS


Sep 04
A tutorial of how to create an iOS app that send updates in real-time via push notifications using Pusher

Integrating WebRTC with PSTN using OpenTok & Nexmo SIP


Sep 6
How to connect OpenTok Live Video sessions with traditional PSTN phone calls using Nexmo SIP

Guide to WebRTC with Safari in the Wild (Chad Phillips)


Sep 7
Great summary of how WebRTC and Safari works together.

How Discord Handles Two and Half Million Concurrent Voice Users using WebRTC


Sep 10
A brief overview of the different technologies Discord uses to make a/v communications a seamless reality.

Live Video Communications: Video Coding Using SVC


Sep 10
Tsahi Levent-Levi,
This video covers how Simulcast and SVC work in WebRTC calls.

Build a Text-to-Speech Chat App with Amazon Polly and ChatEngine


Sep 11
How to build a text to speech app using Amazon Polly and PubNub

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