A question you may ask when building an application is, do you need to integrate your telehealth app? When building your telehealth application, it may be a standalone application. This is the simplest to secure because there is no application interface where private data might be exchanged with outside systems.  However, it’s typical that your telehealth app will need to integrate with other systems.

External systems could include:

  • Electronic Medical Record systems
  • Payment, Invoicing, or Billing systems
  • Registration and Scheduling systems
  • Imaging systems
  • Other telehealth applications
  • Medical devices or data streams
  • File storage systems and Reporting systems
  • Single-Sign-On or user authentication systems


It is also crutial to ask yourself these questions:

  • What data do I need to exchange with that system? Keep this data set as small as possible to minimize the impact of a data breach.
  • How will I authenticate and securely connect with that system?
  • How will data be protected in-transit and secured/encrypted?
  • Is the system that I am connecting to also HIPAA compliant?
  • How will I know if a data breach has occurred in that external system, and how does that affect my system?

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