Real Time Weekly #239: July 23, 2018

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This week we’ve got content about push notifications using Pusher, a real-time react app using PubNub, object detector with TensorFlow, WebRTC app using, and an article about SFU from

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Implement Push Notifications in Kotlin to create a food delivery app


July 11
How to easily implement real-time push notifications in Kotlin using Pusher.

Training and serving a realtime mobile object detector in 30 minutes with Cloud TPUs


July 13
Great article about how to train a real-time object detector using TensorFlow and Cloud TPUs

How to add WebRTC capabilities to your website


July 14
José Manuel Aguirre
A tutorial of how to implement web SDK on a React app.

Intro to WebRTC – JS Monthly – June 2018


July 15
An introduction to the basis of WebRTC and its APIs.

How to Build an Online Realtime Bidding/Auction System with React


July 16
How to build an online real-time auction system in React using PubNub Realtime Messaging and React-Bootstrap.

DotNetify-Elements: Real-time Web UI Component Toolkit for .NET


July 16
Dicky Suryadi
A library of React components for cross-platform .NET back-end, communicating in real-time through WebSocket.

Multi-Party WebRTC Option 3: SFU


July 16
An overview of the third multi-party strategy in WebRTC: Selective Forwarding Unit (aka SFU)

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