Real Time Weekly #231: May 28, 2018

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This week we’ve got a number of interesting blog posts about Realtime development and WebRTC. There’s an interesting announcement from Twilio about their new Programmable Video Recording Compositions API.

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Beyond REST: Using WebSockets for two-way communication in your React app


May 7

What are WebSockets and how to use them to exchange data in real-time between client and server sides.

Build a realtime map using Kotlin


Neo Ighodaro
May 15
A tutorial of how to move a marker in a map in real-time using Google API’s and Pusher.

Build a Realtime PWA Using Vue.js


Christian Nwamba
May 21
This tutorial will show you how to build a Vue.js app that tracks in real-time the location of a food delivery order using Pusher.

Build a live paint application with React


May 21
How to build a real-time paint collaborator app in React and Pusher.

PSA: WebRTC M67 Release Notes


May 22
Check out the release notes that include a bunch of new features, bug fixes and enhancements that are coming for Chrome and Native Android/iOS.

Announcing Programmable Video Recording Compositions API


May 22
Twilio’s Video Recording Composition API is now available in Public Beta.

Pion TURN server, a simple extendable Golang TURN server


May 23
A TURN server that can be an alternative to coturn, written in Golang.

Serverless real-time notifications in Azure using Azure #CosmosDB


May 23
How to Implement real-time messages and notifications without worrying about instances or hosts using Azure SignalR.

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