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This week’s Real Time News


WebRTC + TensorFlow Lite + Android

Silver Lining
May 6
Very nice tutorial of how to combine TensorFlow Lite and WebRTC on an Android app in order to recognizes objects.

Autoplay restrictions and WebRTC (Dag-Inge Aas)

Dag-Inge Aas
May 7
If you experience problems with new autoplay restrictions in @googlechrome M66 check out this article and see a possible workaround.

Build live comments with sentiment analysis using Nest.js

May 7
How to send and receive comments in real-time with Pusher adding sentiment analysis to the text.

Learning WebRTC peer-to-peer communication, part 1

Swizec Teller
May 07
An introduction to what is WebRTC, its API’s and a walkthrough to the P2P flow in JavaScript.

How are Images/Videos sent in WhatsApp?

May 8
How is WhatsApp sending files between users. This could give use some ideas for your projects.

How to Integrate callstats.io REST API, Part 3: ICE Connection State Changes

May 9
The third part of this blog series about PeerConnection state changes in WebRTC. This one describes ICE connection state changes.

How to receive and download picture messages in Python with Twilio MMS

May 10
A simple tutorial in Python to download an image from an MMS message sent to a Twilio number.

WebRTC Live Q&A Session #25

WebRTC Standards
May 21
The WebRTC Standards team is hosting a new webinar on May 21st about testing WebRTC with Tsahi Levent-Levi from testRTC.

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