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This week we have many articles of WebRTC and Real-time development. My favorite of this week is the tutorial of building a real-time poll with Nest.js and Ably.

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This week’s Real Time News

When should you display incoming WebRTC video?

Philipp Hancke, mozilla.org
Feb 26, 2018
When is the right moment to display an incoming video stream? Philipp Hancke explains it regarding the new changes in WebRTC.

Build a serverless realtime presence counter with Node.js

March 12, 2018
Using Pusher you can build serverless apps like a real-time visitor counter.

Best practices of Socket.Io with Android

March 14, 2018
A guide to correctly implement Socket.IO on an Android application.

Track and Display Currently Online Users in Realtime

March 21, 2018
This blog post shows how can you easily know the number of subscribers in real-time using the Pubnub’s Presence API.

Build a Google Analytics Slack Bot with Python

March 21, 2018
A tutorial of how to build a Google Analytics Slack Bot with Python

WebRTC & SIP: The Demo

March 22, 2018
A tutorial of how to build a WebRTC video conferencing web application using Asterisk as the signaling mechanism to negotiate call parameters

Build live video mobile apps with OpenTok React Native

March 22, 2018
Manik Sachdeva will run a Webinar on April 11th about building Video chat apps in React Native using OpenTok.

Building Realtime Web Applications Using Nest.js and Ably

March 22, 2018
A great step by step tutorial where you’ll learn to build a real-time opinion poll built with Nest.js powered by Ably.


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