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 This week we have more tutorials of WebRTC and Real-time development.

Attention to the bug in Chrome v66 which is breaking many WebRTC apps that use AudioContext and MediaStream to display mic volume! Philipp Hacke explains more about this in his blog post.

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This week’s Real Time News

A guide to getting the most out of the Push API

Flavio Copes
Apr 6
A great overview to the Push API which allows a web app to receive messages pushed by a server. This one is a bit old but it is worth to check it out though.

IoT Publish-Subscribe Without an SDK

Apr 23
A tutorial that shows how to use PubNub’s REST API for controlling and monitoring IoT devices in real-time.

Hosting Live Webinars with JavaScript, Node.js, AdonisJs and Twilio Programmable Video

Apr 23
A new tutorial from Twilio to build a Webinar video chat application using Twilio’s Video SDK.

When a Chrome update breaks… your microphone volume display

Philipp Hancke
Apr 24
Philipp Hancke explains a bug that exists in Chrome v66 which introduces changes in the autoplay of HTML video elements breaking a number of WebRTC services.

Build a chat application like Slack with React

Code Cast
Apr 24
A complete video tutorial that shows how to create a chat app similar than Slack from scratch using React and Pusher.

Powering Your App With a Real-Time Messaging CDN

Justin Baker
Apr 27
Good blog post about how the CDNs work great for pushing and pulling data for realtime apps, showing that they are getting more functionality than just delivering web content.

WebRTC Standards: Testing WebRTC 1.0

WebRTC Standards
Apr 30
WebRTC Standards is hosting a new webinar on Monday, April 30th. They will present a summary of the WebRTC WG meeting about the status of testing of WebRTC 1.0.

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