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This week we have more tutorials of WebRTC and Real-time development. My favorite of this week is the blog post about data channels written by WebRTC.ventures. Although the article about Janus is very good as well.

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This week’s Real Time News

Explaining the Real-time Transport Protocol of SRTP for WebRTC

Apr 12
Nice explanation of what is RTP and RTCP in WebRTC.

File Transfers: A Small Demonstration with WebRTC, React and Redux

Apr 17
Great tutorial to learn how to transfer files between two peers using WebRTC data channels. In addition there’s an introduction to React and Redux.

Streaming live to YouTube via WebRTC with Firefox (kinda)

Apr 18
How to stream video directly to YouTube Live using Janus WebRTC VideoRoom plugin and FFmpeg.

Vue Firebase Example Tutorial

Apr 18
How to setup and save data in Firebase from a Vue JS app.

Choosing cameras in JavaScript with the mediaDevices API

Apr 19
A tutorial of how to switch between cameras using the mediaDevices API and media constraints.

Real-time Editable Datagrid In React

Peter Mbanugo
Apr 19
How to use react datagrid to display data in real-time using Hamoni Sync. Thanks Peter for sharing!

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