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In today’s issue we have great blog posts about AWS AppSync, WebRTC, Bots, Pusher, Twilio and GraphQL. My favorite of this week are The Net Ninja’s video tutorials of GraphQL, good job!

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This week’s Real Time News

Building a serverless real-time chat application with AWS AppSync

March 06, 2018
AWS team is introducing ChatQL which is a realtime chat starter app built with AWS AppSync.


The Difference Between Jitter and Latency

March 07, 2018
Great explanation of what is jitter and latency in WebRTC and the difference between them.


Build an SMS-Driven Bot with Node.js

In this post you will learn how to build a working Node.js SMS bot using Twilio and just a few lines of code.


Build a social Poll app with counter using Node.js

March 12, 2018
A tutorial of how to build a poll app that updates the results in realtime using Pusher, Node.js and MongoDB.


GraphQL Tutorial #1 – Introduction to GraphQL

The Net Ninja
March 12, 2018
A video tutorial series where you can learn how to create from scratch a full-stack application, including a GraphQL server on Node.js, a React front-end (with Apollo) and MongoDB to store all of our data.

Simple Firebase/Redux Integration in React Native

March 14, 2018
In this tutorial, you will learn how to add Redux to a React Native application and how to integrate it with Firebase.

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Chicago, IL
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IPTComm – October 16, 2018

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