Last night I had a lot of fun presenting to the Silicon Valley Realtime meetup on WebRTC. It’s a talk that I’ve given a few times recently and the interest from attendees always shows how compelling WebRTC is and how disruptive it can be to real time communication applications.

Links from the Presentation

Demo 1: Grabbing a profile pic with GetUserMedia

Demonstration of using GetUserMedia to snag a profile picture

Demo 2: Sample medical app with 2 party video chat


This example application is explained in depth in my O’Reilly Media video course on WebRTC.

Demo 3: The “memory” game using the Data Channel

Example Peer to Peer game using the WebRTC Data Channel

This demo is also explained in depth on my guest post at WebRTCHacks on the DataChannel.

Other interesting real-time groups from the meetup

In addition to a couple other speakers, the sponsors and attendees at the Silicon Valley Real Time Meetup were very interesting. Here’s a few that you should check out:

RethinkDB – The open source real time database for the web – Instantly add real time to your API – Build reactive apps with Data Streams

Kamanja – Enabling developers to reduce the time it takes to deploy rules and predictive models

More Resources

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