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The Benefits of Starting School Online This Fall

Online schools have been around for many years now, and like most things, they have improved greatly over time. While there are still “diploma mill” versions, there are now plenty of course offerings and programs from accredited schools. These allow students to take classes and earn degrees on their own time with the confidence that the degrees will be accepted by potential employers. Here are some of the other benefits of signing up for online education this fall:

Interactivity is Better than Ever Before

Thanks to the development of better custom video communication apps, taking classes at home is no longer a one-way process. Students can communicate with each other with ease. This makes it easier to ask questions and partake in discussions. Since many classes require discussion between students, these improvements eliminate much frustration and make the experience far more rewarding than it once was.

It’s also easier to take part in the virtual classroom portion of online courses. WebRTC applications allow for secure video and audio communication, and better yet, they work without the need to download special programs or invest in unique technology. WebRTC is currently supported by most browsers, so there’s no hassle for users.

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There’s No Commute

Spending 40 minutes or more on the road just to get somewhere doesn’t thrill anyone, and if you live in a place where snow will be part of the equation, it’s even worse. When you take your classes online, you skip all of that. Just log in at the right time to go to school instantly and avoid all of that driving, the icy roads, and the wasted time.

You Can Choose Your Own Pace

Many classes include pre-recorded video sessions and other course material. This makes it so that you can decide your own pace to a great extent. If part of the class is easy for you, you can go ahead and plow on through. You also get to replay the more difficult parts until you understand them.

It’s no wonder that online schooling has continued to increase in popularity when all of these benefits are considered. There are many benefits to both students and educators thanks to WebRTC, video communications and easy teleconferencing, and the ability to set one’s one pace. In fact, the concept has grown so big that now, even high schools are running online courses with excellent results.

WebRTC allows you to build solutions that provide for broadcast scenarios (ie, the teacher on video doing a lecture to the students, or the teacher bringing in remote experts to the classroom), two-party chat (students asking teachers a question for example), and multiparty chat (small group discussions).  For an excellent example of how one company offers a WebRTC based product like this for professional conferences, check out our friends at Qiqo Chat.

Bringing online capabilities to your school doesn’t have to be hard. To contact developers who can build a custom technology package for your EdTech initiative, just contact WebRTC.Ventures. We have learned a lot about the education sector through our work with companies like Teachstone, and we’ll be glad to help your online education startup improve the quality of education for both students and educators!

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