WebRTC Brings Video Interaction to All Kinds of Apps

Bring true interaction to your customer experience, and you will build a product that out performs all the competition. We can support your web application ideas and turn them into real time, rich internet applications. Video chat, audio processing, secure data exchange, and other forms of digital communication … WebRTC enables use cases never before possible on the Web, and it’s creating disruptive innovation in many industries. We can help you disrupt your industry so you are not left behind!

Custom WebRTC apps:

We build high quality, secure, and scalable video chat, audio applications, real time communications, and peer to peer data exchanges based on WebRTC.

Custom WebRTC apps

Medical Industry apps:

We build secure and encrypted medical communication applications based on WebRTC. WebRTC means your app can include HIPAA compliant video chat, audio, and data exchange

Medical apps

Mobile applications:

We can build iOS and Android applications to accompany your WebRTC application using commercial frameworks like TokBox.  Allow users to stream video and chat from anywhere!

WebRTC Mobile Apps

About Us

Our team of UX, designers, and developers can build your complete WebRTC application. An application development company with deep experience building applications for medical, education, music, mobile, and communications applications. We have the expertise to build, host, and manage the entire application for you. We are also the team behind RealTimeWeekly.co and O’Reilly Media’s “Introduction to WebRTC” video course

Our Recent Work

WebRTC is a great technology for medical applications, which is why Wellbeing approached WebRTC.ventures to have us build their product.

We used TokBox to create a secure video chat application connecting counselors and their patients for the Australian market.

In addition to private and encrypted video chats, the Wellbeing application also incorporates billing and credit card processing.

Learn more about Wellbeing

Usabili.me is a type of Live Support Application based on WebRTC, targeted to user experience professionals.

In this product that our team is actively developing, we have combined PubNub’s realtime networks with TokBox’s video chat capabilities to build an application that allows product researchers to interview live website visitors, share screens, and record those sessions.

The Usabili.me product uses the same core technology as a WebRTC based customer support application would, allowing you to build support tools like the Kindle’s “MayDay” customer service application.

Learn more about Usabili.me

Spotlight by TokBox is a great example of our team’s ability to build “few to many” video streaming applications.

In this project, we worked directly with TokBox to build Spotlight, a live streaming tool where a host and a guest stream their video chat to a large audience of live viewers.

Those viewers can submit questions or even join in the video chat as a third video stream. A special “backstage” area allows for a producer to coordinate the questions and viewer participation. This product is in active use by television networks in the USA.

Learn more about Broadcasting with WebRTC

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