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In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Whether you’re integrating video into a user application or enhancing your own team’s communication efforts, ensuring you have a reliable and scalable platform is paramount.

That’s where comes in, offering a cutting-edge solution designed to jumpstart your communication journey: the Video Call Starter Kit, powered by the Amazon Chime SDK.

Video Call Starter Kit

Streamlined for Modern Communication

Imagine a virtual meeting platform tailored to your specific needs, with 80% of the features consistently requested by our clients already built-in. That’s precisely what our Video Call Starter Kit offers. Crafted by a team of experts dedicated to real-time communications applications for nearly a decade, this solution provides the perfect balance of functionality and flexibility.

With the ability to customize the remaining details, you can create a solution that’s uniquely yours. Whether you require branded interfaces, specific integrations, or personalized features, our platform empowers you to tailor every aspect of your communication experience.

Whether you prefer on-premises deployment or cloud-based solutions, our platform offers flexibility to suit your infrastructure needs.

Built on the Robust Amazon Chime SDK

At the heart of our Video Call Starter Kit lies the Amazon Chime SDK, renowned for its reliability and scalability. Even in high-demand scenarios, you can trust that your communication infrastructure will remain robust and responsive. With Amazon Web Service’s proven track record, you can rest assured that your communication platform is backed by industry-leading technology.

Who is

Since 2015, has been at the forefront of building live video, audio, and chat applications. As a proud System Integration Partner for the Amazon Chime SDK and a member of the Amazon Partner Network, we leverage the power of AWS and WebRTC to deliver cutting-edge communication solutions.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Communication?

In a world where connectivity is paramount, don’t settle for outdated communication tools. With our Video Call Starter Kit, you can revolutionize the way you connect and collaborate online. Request a demo today and experience the future of communication firsthand.

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