After a month of holidays, our team is back at what they do best: building high quality software, primarily around real-time communication (but not always!) We asked them to share the tasks they worked on this month that they feel have been the most impactful. 

As a result, here’s January 2024’s Team Talk, where we take a look at some of the awesome things our wonderful team of software developers, designers, testers, DevOps experts, and project leads do in their day by day. 

Here’s a short list of some that might interest you — at least the ones we can talk about!

  • Integrated a LLM and CPaaS for a web-based translation application
  • Designed a prompt for using an LLM as translator in a web based application
  • Added support for multiple CPaaS providers without affecting application logic. 
  • Implemented recording capabilities to a meeting with multiple users. By default it records audio-only but it’s possible to support video by making some changes.
  • Designed the infrastructure of an “early access” environment that will be used to test out new features in an online education tool with real users before launching them to production.
  • Strategized the replacement of a complicated UI with a simpler one, also with new features.
  • Used Firebase Cloud Functions + Express + Swagger to quickly build and provision a backend API 
  • Researched Large Action Models (LAM) used by the popular CES2024 device Rabbit R1. It is using WebRTC to connect to their servers in the cloud and for new operations training.
  • Simplified certifications system for an eLearning application so users can apply to these through a single token
  • Refactored an enrollments completion/progress feature
  • Created test plans for regression testing with focus on accessibility, user flow and overall user experience.
  • Set up a testing process to determine how much network bandwidth and memory is required by users to have a good experience when using a real-time communication application. I had to learn some new tools to do so. 
  • As a QA intern, I am learning how to do testing for mobile applications.

At, we’re always striving to improve our set of abilities in order to deliver the best possible real-time video and audio solutions and to be your partner—whether you need an assessment of your product or assistance with building, integrating, testing, and managing it.

If you or anyone in your team is facing challenges building real-time communication applications, our team loves to find and solve any kind of problem. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help.

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