On December 6, 2023, Arin Sime welcomed Ryan Jespersen back to the show to discuss live streaming with WebRTC and what Ryan calls “The NeverEnding Hack”. They explore the past, present, and future of the hacks that enable us to use WebRTC for live streaming.

Ryan is the Director of Product Strategy at Dolby Laboratories where he works on live streaming at scale using WebRTC. He is a Technology executive with 20 years of experience in broadcast, digital video, and streaming media with Dolby, Millicast, Wowza, Mentor Graphics, and more.

The conversation started with the big news of the week, that Twilio is shutting down Programmable Video and why the recommendation that users consider the Zoom API is not going to fulfill the needs of users providing any sort of differentiated value. Ryan and Arin agreed that we should be building innovation, not commoditizing, and pioneering web native solutions. 

Other discussion topics included:

  • What differentiated Millicast and Cosmo Software? (linear streaming)
  • Use cases such as live casino and live gaming
  • The difference between some to many, one to many, and many to many live streaming
  • WebRTC HTTP Ingest and Egress Protocol – critical to creating interactivity
  • WHIP – standardizes the way you can send media in a broadcast or streaming environment (OBS Studio, FFMPEG)
  • WHEP (VideoJS, Bitmovin, Wowza & Flowplayer) – One standard for the playback side using standard signaling. 
  • The role of the data channel in live streaming and synching video w/ data like GPS or sensor data
  • Codecs and protocols (RTMP AV1 & HEVC)
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) for protection of premium content
  • Monetizing content (Server Side Ad Insertion or SSAI)

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