Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is just around the corner (although let’s admit it, decorations have been out since October 😛). Before Santa comes to town, here’s November’s Team Talk as an early present, since you’ve been so good.

Our skilled team of software developers, designers, testers, DevOps experts, and project leads continue building great real-time communication application solutions that span multiple industries and use cases. Each month we ask them to share the ones they feel have been the most impactful. Here’s a short list of some that might interest you — at least the ones we can talk about!

  • “Created a chatbot using AWS Lex and ChatGPT that simplifies the hiring process by generating interview specific interview questions in real time.”
  • “Integrated AWS X-Ray into a backend application.”
  • “Defined the architecture for a client’s audio conferencing platform with strong focus on content moderation.”
  • “Implemented a screenshot blocking feature on an iOS mobile WebRTC application that allows capturing high quality images while on a video call.”
  • “Adapted a large tele-education WebRTC application to work in a global multi-region environment.”
  • “Managed multiple transcoding servers running in Kubernetes, processing different RTMP streams into WebRTC to one OpenTok video call.”
  • “Built an always-active foreground service in a mobile app that connects with a SMS backend to get notifications without using standard push notifications to circumvent a restricted network environment.”
  • “Implemented an authentication mechanism for in-organization users utilizing Okta API.”
  • “Fixed issues in the reconnection flow when a media server restarts.”
  • “Simplified access to a set of web services running in a Docker container through a single port using NGINX and PM2.”
  • “Designed a complete end-to-end regression testing strategy after an important database upgrade.”
  • “Looked for innovative ways to conduct Agile ceremonies in order to allow team members to provide valuable feedback.”
  • “Established an improved communication workflow for two global web applications—one in the EDU industry and the other in the chemical sustainability industry—to enable multidisciplinary teams to vet and prioritize requests to ensure the stability, reliability, scalability, and availability of the system, while meeting the expectations of customer experience and business continuity.”

At, we’re always striving to improve our set of abilities in order to deliver the best possible real-time video and audio solutions and to be your partner—whether you need an assessment of your product or assistance with building, integrating, testing, and managing it.

If any of the tasks listed above “rang the bell” of something you need for your real-time communication application, don’t keep waiting underneath the mistletoe. Contact us and we will be happy to assist. Let’s make it live!

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