On October 19, Arin Sime curated and moderated a panel on AI in Video Applications at TADSummit 2023 in France. It was broadcast live for this month’s WebRTC Live episode. 

AI has the potential to dramatically impact the communications tech industry and the way we interact with our customers and users. From audio transcriptions to AI assistants during a call, the possibilities seem limitless right now. The panel brought together a wide range of industry perspectives to talk about both the capabilities and the concerns that AI brings to the table.


Pieter Luitjens, Co-Founder and CTO at Private AI 
Private AI’s mission is to build the privacy layer for software. Their technology finds, redacts, and generates synthetic PII within semi- and unstructured datasets.

Lorenzo Miniero, Chairman at Meetecho / Author of Janus WebRTC Server
Meetecho provides both consultancy services and communication platforms. The Janus WebRTC Server is a general purpose and open source WebRTC server-side implementation

Paula Osés, AI Engineer at Noumena
Noumena is a data-driven company providing solutions for spatial analysis, combining computer vision and machine learning.

Paul Sweeney, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder at Webio
Webio’s conversational interface uses AI to streamline inbound and outbound customer communications, specializing in the difficult conversations inherent in the credit collection and banking industries.

Romain Vailleux, DevRel & Partnership Manager at Apizee
Apizee offers visual engagement solutions, helping companies solve complex customer problems faster through personalized remote visual support.

Arin Sime, Founder and CEO, WebRTC.ventures
WebRTC.ventures is a design and development agency focused on building on live video applications, increasingly also integrating those applications with different types of AI services and conversational AI.

Panel topics and introductory questions

CapabilitIes & Use Cases 

  • What sort of AI use cases do you see being built with your platforms? What possibilities are you most excited about? 
  • What are the challenges of using Voice and AI and the benefits of staying within a text messaging-based Conversational AI? 
  • Are there any use cases that should be removed from the AI discussion right away? Are there customer contact scenarios where AI should never be considered? 


  • How have you seen users integrate AI & ML services? What do you recommend they consider?
  • The carbon footprint of AI is a major concern, similar to discussions about blockchains. As technologists, how should we architect our solutions to be sensitive to the environmental impacts of AI? 
  • How does centralized v. edge computing come into play when processing large amounts of video data at a city wide level? 

Privacy & Security 

  • What are the biggest concerns you have about how people are using and implementing AI? What special concerns should we take into account with communications applications? 
  • How do you control data and prevent client or user data from going to other platforms?
  • How do you handle GDPR and other data concerns when so many AI/ML providers are based in the US or outside of Europe? 
  • How do you handle the privacy of the people captured on camera? 

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