Large Language Models (LLMs) continue to enhance the capabilities of real-time video applications. Efficiency is at the top of the list, which brings great benefit to inherently time-consuming work that follows a telehealth visit. Our partner, Daily, has just introduced a great new API for clinical note generation. Powered by AI and HIPAA-compliant, of course. 

The AI-powered Clinical Notes API

The new Daily API provides these abilities:

  • Generate a transcript from a recording of any telehealth session built on Daily 
  • Generate AI-powered Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan (SOAP) notes with a single HIPAA-compliant REST API call 
  • Deploy a polished, standalone “notes dashboard” UX, to let providers interact with SOAP notes  
  • Rapidly explore and ship custom LLM capabilities and structured medical data workflows on HIPAA-compliant infrastructure

We particularly love how Daily has designed a human-centric workflow. The API generates a first draft of the clinical notes which can be cross-checked against the transcription and revised if necessary, before proceeding to the next step.

Our Partner’s Partners

Daily has rounded up a great set of AI models and supporting tools for this work. 

Daily + A Winning Telehealth Combination

Daily PreBuilt allows for integration of simple video chat into a webpage with only a few lines of JavaScript. It is a great building block to validate your concept.

As a Daily Development Partner, our team can use Daily’s flexible Video Client SDK to build out a more fully featured and customized version of WebRTC in your custom web or mobile application. We can combine their APIs with our broad industry experience to build you the most innovative and valuable applications quickly for a wide range of industries such as fitness, immersive live events, healthcare, future of work, education, and of course, telehealth. Contact us today! 

Read Daily’s full post, Introducing AI-powered Clinical Notes API for Telehealth.

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