On September 20, 2023, host Arin Sime welcomed Daniel Phillips, Lead UI Designer for WebRTC.ventures since its inception in 2015, to discuss the must-have design elements for successful video applications.

An appealing and easily navigable design is a crucial component of any web or mobile application. For WebRTC applications, we’ve learned there is an extra layer of complexity when creating exceptional user experiences. This begins with intuitive controls and easy to understand feedback about connectivity and other aspects of communication applications, and extends to audio detection, video layouts, and virtual backgrounds.

The conversation started with the importance of design in video applications and how valuable the work Daniel does is for our clients at WebRTC.ventures. You can have all the cloud infrastructure just perfect, but if somebody can’t find the controls to mute or unmute themselves, you’ve lost the game. Or if the UX of the application is poor or the UI is not well designed and compelling, they’re not going to use the application — no matter how good the quality of the media server behind it. 

Daniel’s slide presentation went on to cover:

  • Pre-Call Waiting Room with Network Testing
  • Speaker Detection
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Multi-Person calls (Mobile)
  • Error Handling and Messages

Be sure to watch the episode for examples of all of the topics in action. The examples are based on the soon-to-be-launched WebRTC.ventures Amazon Chime Starter Kit Pro!

Watch Episode 83!

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