In a previous post, Why Your WebRTC App Needs a Managed Service Provider, I discussed the meaning of an MSP and why your WebRTC app needs one. In our many years of building video applications, we’ve developed a good deal of expertise in managing infrastructure. 

More and more, we’re being asked by our development, integration, and testing clients alike to add support plans for ongoing monitoring and service for their applications. We’re also happy to provide this as a standalone option. 

That brings us to the next question, what tiers of managed support does our team at provide? Whether our clients are small startups or large enterprises, multiple support options ensure that each of our clients can access the level of service that suits their unique requirements.

All managed support contracts have a dedicated support manager and a dedicated support team. 

Note: The response times below are 24/7 for premium-level service agreements. Business hours only; otherwise. 

Tier 2 Support: Report of Severe Defects

A Severe Defect means that crucial functionality of the application is no longer working. Your business is being impacted. 

Identification of the root cause issue will be made a high priority, and on-call support staff will be notified immediately. The support staff will provide a response within two hours that they are working on it, and will provide regular updates until the source of the issue is identified. 

If possible, the issue will be resolved by the support staff. Otherwise, the issue will be passed on to developers with more knowledge of your application.

This does not include items like temporary call quality degradation, the inability to connect under poor network conditions, or other transitory networking-related issues that are outside of the control of the Company.

  • Initial response time: within 1 hour (24/7 with premium service, otherwise within business hours)
  • Follow-up: within 2 hours

Tier 3 Support: Report of Non-Severe Issues

These issues will go to our managed services team, who will attempt to validate the issue and respond to you. The issue will then be passed on to relevant development team members if a code change is needed, who will then communicate regularly with the Client on the timeline for a remedy.

  • Initial response time: within 2 hours (24/7 with premium service, otherwise within business hours)
  • Follow-up: within 4 hours

Tier 4 Support: Feature Request

Any issue deemed to be a feature request will be sent to the development team, who will respond on the next business day with any questions about the feature to be requested.

Some support agreements have a set number of feature development hours built in. If you do not have this or have gone over the monthly hours, we will provide an estimate for the work.

  • Initial response time: within 2 hours (business hours only)
  • Follow-up: within 24 hours

Why Don’t We Cover Tier 1 Support?

As an MSP, our decision to not to cover Tier 1 support is aimed at optimizing support efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. We believe that Tier 1 support is best handled internally by our clients’ customer service teams. They have the most intricate knowledge of their business and are best equipped at tailoring (and honing) the most effective responses to everyday customer inquiries.

To complement our clients’ Tier 1 efforts, we can deliver valuable resources such as FAQs, user manuals, and video recording demos. These materials empower clients to manage Tier 1 support independently, promoting customer self sufficiency and reducing operational costs for straightforward issues. 

This approach fosters a structured support framework that gives autonomy to our clients, enhances customer satisfaction, and optimizes resource allocation.

Unlock unparalleled service for your video application with our managed support 

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