TADSummit is a great combination of a strategy, technology, and best practices event “with no BS”!  After celebrating ten years of thought leadership in programmable communications in 2022, TADSummit returns this October 19 and 20 in Paris, France at Capgemini’s 5G Labs. There is an online option, too, that is no cost to attend.

Our team at WebRTC.ventures have been supporters of TADSummit and TADHack events for a long time, and this year is no exception. Our CEO and Founder, Arin Sime, will be participating in two ways. He will be presenting on Maintaining Communication Apps and he will moderate a panel that he has brought together on AI in Video Applications. 

Maintaining Communications Apps

In the WebRTC space, there’s still a lot being built for the first time. We’ve also reached a point of maturity where more and more companies are trying to maintain and support real-time applications in the long term.

Building on WebRTC.ventures’ many experiences running communications apps in production, Arin will talk about the best practices in maintenance, deployment, scaling, and testing WebRTC applications.

AI in Video Applications

Arin has also curated an extraordinary panel of experts to explore the different ways that AI is being used in audio and video conversations. The panel will cover conversational AI chatbots (and the transitions between those bots and human agents), audio transcriptions, processing and keyword identification, conversation summaries, sentiment analysis, object detection, and much more.


Pieter Luitjens, Co-Founder and CTO at Private AI

Lorenzo Miniero, Chairman at Meetecho / Author of Janus WebRTC Server

Paula Osés, AI Engineer at Noumena

Paul Sweeney, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder at Webio

Romain Vailleux, DevRel & Partnership Manager at Apizee

The panel will be livestreamed as the October episode of WebRTC Live at 8:25 am Eastern on Thursday, October 19. Register for WebRTC Live Episode 84.  

Register for TADSummit 2023 – if you can’t make it to Paris, online is free!

You can find more information and a link to register for in-person or online on the TADSummit 2023 Logistics page. You can also sign up for the TADSummit email list to keep up to date on conference happenings.

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