On February 15, 2023, Arin welcomed Sandro Gauci to WebRTC Live to talk about the WebRTC attack surface. Sandro is the Chief Mischief Officer, Founder, and CEO at RTC security audit and penetration testing experts, Enable Security. To the real-time communications community, he is also known as the original developer of SIPVicious OSS, the open-source security suite for auditing SIP-based VoIP systems.

WebRTC uses encryption in the video, audio and data channels, and so it has some aspects of secure design built in. But there are still things that can go wrong. Sandro advises to design your applications and infrastructure with security in mind. Security gets more and more expensive the later you do it! 

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Mindmap: WebRTC infrastructure attack surface

Sandro shared a mind map detailing the WebRTC infrastructure attack surface and discussed the areas that they’ve tested. 

  1. Signaling (Authentication, authorization, quality of service, transport security, message processing, intrusion detection/prevention services)
    1. SIP
    2. XMPP
    3. Custom Protocols
  2. Media (Message processing, confidentiality & integrity, recording systems, transcoding)
    1. RTP
    2. SRTP
    3. DTLS
  3. NAT Transversal
    1. TURN
    2. STUN
    3. ICE
  4. Gateway (Protocol conversion, message processing)
    1. PSTN
    2. VoIP

Sandro focused on one particular feature that can be a major choke point in your signaling services and their dependencies if attacked: quality of service and specifically, resource exhaustion. He gave a demo using the SIPVicious PRO Demo Server. 

Watch Episode #76!

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